Optimisation of properties, functionality, durability and processing

To meet the technical and qualitative requirements of your products, our internationally renowned R&D partner develops customised bioplastics for you. Just like conventional plastics, bioplastics usually require adaptation and optimisation to meet your individual requirements in terms of material properties, functionality, durability and processing. Since its foundation, the research laboratory has supported many of its clients repeatedly in the successful implementation of this demanding task.

The experienced scientists and technicians have more than 10 years of experience in the field of biologically based and biodegradable plastics. With this know-how, the extensive team is able to work on your R&D projects in a targeted and efficient manner, comprehensive confidentiality and protection of your IP rights go without saying. Modern technical facilities allow new formulations to be developed, tested and manufactured under one roof, ensuring high quality results and high reactivity. In addition to know-how and equipment, the extensive network of suppliers for raw materials and components (including additives, fillers, etc.) is a key success factor for new plastic formulations.

Send us your technical requirements / datasheets to find a bioplastics alternative to your fossil feedstocks.